Primary School Talk

West London Primary school pupils discussing my Greta Thunberg painting

I gave my second talk a couple of weeks ago to the cutest, most enthusiastic kids at a West London primary school. They watched and listened intently to my presentation on art and street art and were equally brimming with questions which was fantastic. I took along a couple of paintings and it was so lovely to see their eyes lighting up. Literally it almost seemed!

One of the pieces I showed was my Greta Thunberg, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ painting and it inspired them to create their own climate crisis drawing, one of which was gifted to me below! I then led a workshop where I spoke to the children about being kind and they opened up about their own insecurities. We explored how we could identify that through art.

It was wonderful to see young people so full of creativity and ideas. The heartbreaking thing was when one little girl begged me to stay and teach them art because they didn’t have anyone to do that. Government cuts to the arts and creative subjects in education have a lot to answer for. Its a real shame because these subjects are the very ones which will produce the most intelligent future problem solvers in every field, be that tech, design, science and medicine.

Climate crisis drawing gifted to me by one of the pupils

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