Forest Hill Mural

‘You Are Enough’ by Jelly J Artist

This weekend I was invited by my lovely friend Orbit to paint an amazing hoarding down in Forest Hill, South London along with some cream of the crop artists.

I was the first to arrive which in itself it quite unprecedented, I clocked the dark blue length of hoarding and felt butterflies in the winter sun shine. The night before I had planned on doing a dark blue background to my piece. It was meant to be!

I hadn’t painted a mural in a few months as it has become increasingly difficult to hold a spray can. And actually now just anything from using cutlery to a opening bottle of water, which I know is more important than holding a spray can. My scans show a lot of degenerative disease now and to be honest my confidence has been knocked. But I really miss painting walls.

I painted a message close to mine and the hearts of many people with autoimmune chronic illness – ‘You Are Enough’. An awful amount of gaslighting is imposed on people with chronic illnesses but equally this message applies to anyone who feels under pressure to conform or feels like they are not worthy for whatever reason. This can be peer pressure for some to seeing others ‘living their best life’ and the image of perfection on social media.

There was a great energy in the air on Sunday. All the artists were on point and we got a lot of support from the locals in the form of beeping car horns to groups of friends and families stopping to chat and take photos. And they all had one thing in common.. a massive smile on their face! We received such wonderful feedback they really were thrilled we had brought some life and beauty to the dull walls in their hometown.

A real honour to be painting alongside @orbitldn @nathanbowenart @lionel_stanhope



A few pics from the Forest Hill Jam

Looking forward to painting my next wall! And who knows like Orbit said, maybe a new technique will develop out of my condition 🙂

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