Painting LIVE: Ministry of Art & Lewisham Council

Last year I was asked to take part in Ministry of Art Brown Jewels exhibition at the Goldsmiths venue in Lewisham which was a fantastic few days with some amazing talented artists. So I was so excited to be asked to take part in the new Ministry of Art initiative with Lewisham Council who are currently supporting up and coming artists as part of a local arts scheme.

For the next couple of months a different artist are set to paint streaming live on Facebook on a Sunday night. First up was the founder Baserbillion Art and next was my turn. I have to admit due to a personal incident which happened during the week I really was not in the mood to be doing anything live or entertaining. But as the day drew closer it was evident for one reason or another that it was not possible to move my date. So I went ahead with it!

I had nothing prepared and was completely shattered so as the evening got closer I racked my brains for a subject to paint and I decided on Sade.

I was so tired I was almost having an out of body experience as I started the canvas just an hour before I was due to go live. But luckily when my show went live I realised I’m quite au fait with talking to myself. I’m not sure if that’s worrying or not. Regardless it worked for my show!

It turned out to be pretty fun and cathartic and I’ve since had a couple of references to Bob Ross which can only mean next time I need to go bigger and better and get a perm.

View my live tutorial show here

Sade by Jelly J Artist for Ministry of Art in association with Lewisham Council
Bob Ross from the Joy of Painting

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