Goldie at Jelly Exhibition

My first solo exhibition was quite an experience! And yes I actually got the blessing of dnb god Goldie to use Timeless in my show! Being a huge dnb girl, I had this track firmly set in mind and at first wanted to find something generic with a similar tone, which obviously wasn’t going to happen as it’s a genius piece of music. But it was dnb Voice MC who suggested I ask Goldie for the use of Timeless. So I did and after a couple of emails he said yes!

It was the perfect mood for my exhibition which consists of a lot of inner city street art. Timeless really set the scene.

And thanks to Marc Craig I had my first taste of co-curating the exhibition at Chopperchunky Gallery. From pricing and sizing all of my pieces to being involved with careful placement on my gallery floor was a lot of work but pretty awesome. And then was the maintenance and the plugging which I have to say involved a small amount of anxiety!

I’ve done a few collaborative exhibitions now but It was really cool to show my art solo for the first time, and the feedback was really encouraging too.

Contact me for enquiries I am selling both originals and prints.

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