DisCONNECT Schoeni Projects

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the mind blowing disCONNECT show by Schoeni Projects in a secret location. It was an extremely hot 37C day in Clapham but I was still stoked to be entering this beautiful Victorian house.

On entry there was classic black and white checkerboard floor which met stunning mural walls by Mr Cenz. The lovely guide showed me around the house explaining each artist in detail. I was rather taken with the miniature figures by Isaac Cordal which lined the darkened basement and could also be found scattered around the garden.

I have to say my favourite was the Herakut room. A true fantasy room! My heart skipped a beat these guys are amongst my favourite artists. The iconic big eyed characters were supersized and playing in the room. There was a very lucky school child who got to draw on the walls as part of the room aka a collaboration with Herakut.

I was showed to the second floor which featured a collaboration room where visiting artists could submit artwork (and also could draw on the walls) I drew a piece as high as I could reach and submitted my New Horizons artwork which to my delight was printed and placed in the room, next to my artist friend work Agheras.

Such an honour to have my work in the building with these wonderful artists. I hope one day I will be lucky enough to be an exhibiting artist in this wonderful building!

New Horizons by Jelly J Artist
Mr Cenz
Aida Wilde
Isaac Cordal

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