Wildstyle Epic Jam

It was a hot hot hot day at Stockwell Hall of Fame for the Wildstyle Hip Hop Graffiti Jam with breakdancing and tunes from Epic Jam. I turned up on the Sunday morning kind of knackered, very much like everyone else! I floated around until I found a wall which was in between Tizer and Un Yun.

The whole of the local community turned up it seemed as a crowd gathered to watch all the graffiti artists as well as watch the breakdancing and general good vibes of the basketball court.

I created a piece called ‘Awake’ featuring a third eye to symbolise true awareness and consciousness which we all need to balance our lives and the world around us.

I was attempting to paint with less bright colours but as it turns out it ended up completely bright neon pink and purple!

A great day all round met some lovely people look forward to the next one!

UnYun, Jelly, Tizer

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