We Can’t Breathe

We Cant Breathe by Jelly J Artist, Drury Lane Holborn

The amount of support in the past week across the world spoke to me that ‘We Can’t Breathe’. The world is righfully horrified. On Monday I made my first and only trip out of strict lockdown (I’m in the shielding group). I did this mural socially distanced from other Spectrum artists each doing their thing. I can’t physically go on a protest so it was important to me to get this message out there and to let my US brother’s and sisters know that they have our support here in London.

Racism did not start last week but it did take the murder of an innocent black man #GeorgeFloyd to bring it to the forefront – again.
White people please address both overt and covert racism even if this means you questioning your own behaviour. It’s casual racism (jokes/ stereotypes/ appropriation) which dehumanises black and brown people and lays the foundations for the overt racism everyone is condemning right now

Today myself and my friend discussed the racism we experienced when we were at school many years ago be that from friends/ bullies/ teachers/ other parents. You may think this doesn’t happen anymore but I discovered tonight a young loved one in my life has been through the same shit at school.

There are also countless vids on social media of little black girls crying because they’ve been told their black skin makes them ugly/ bad/ worthless. Know that casual everyday racism is not ‘just a joke’, it’s damaging and can affect self worth, education, career opportunities, and sticks way past the end of your day at school or the office. It’s not enough to say you “didn’t mean it like that so it can’t be racist”.
Racism is as much about impact as it is about intention.

Sending much love to everyone protesting in the US despite the violent response of the authorities. Stay safe. We see you.

2 thoughts on “We Can’t Breathe

  1. Very sorry that your great creation. I can’t Breathe has been painted over in black paint in Drury Lane.
    I’m in my late 60’s & I’m appalled that people are still so ignorant & disrespectful of diversity.
    Change is coming ………sadly far to slowly. Keep creating your wonders!

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    1. Thank you so much Susi I appreciate your support. We don’t know the intent (malicious or simply red tape authorities) but I have certainly felt the impact by many on seeing it being painted over x


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