Earth Day

Fashion Faux Pas by Jelly J Artist

‘Fashion Faux Pas’ acrylic on repurposed canvas 122cm x 122cm

This piece would have been street art on a wall but hey lockdown! Created for Earth Day Global Halt event in LA curated by the amazing Megzany for Earth Day Network  and 2020halt. 500 artists from 100 countries united for this important event to spread the message that our home (Earth) is in trouble 

My piece is a reflection of the fashion industry on our ecosystem. Sat in place of an endangered species in the Amazon rainforest, fashion consumes her in flames along with the forest that was destroyed to produce it. A Fashion Faux Pas indeed 🌎

• 150 million trees are logged and turned into fabric every year

• Placed end to end, they would circle our earth’s equator 7 times over

• Producing rayon/viscose wastes approximately 70% of the tree and involves a chemically intensive manufacturing process.

• Thankfully in some areas there has been a shift to more #sustainablefashion practices

Data: Canopy Planet

Fashion Faux Pas (cropped) by Jelly J Artist
Fashion Faux Pas (cropped) by Jelly J Artist

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