Street Art talk

Street Art talk to sixth formers

Today I gave a talk about the world of art and street art to a wonderful group of sixth form art students at Hatch End High school. Admittedly being my first talk I was a little rusty to start but I soon got into a flow. The Head of Art, Mrs McGarvey made me feel very welcome and relaxed, helped by the fact that she is also an old friend of mine.

I was really impressed by the questions the students asked me in the Q&A which followed. Afterwards I had the privilege of viewing their artworks in progress and sketchbooks. What a talented lovely bunch. I hope to be back soon to see how their work has progressed.

I must say I really rather enjoyed the day. I am used to speaking to small groups and individuals on a more casual level (for example at exhibitions I have taken part in) but this the first time I’ve addressed a large group professionally… and I look forward to more!

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