Brown Jewels exhibition

As the heavens opened outside, the sun was shining inside St James Hatcham Gallery at the Brown Jewels exhibition this weekend! I was honoured to be asked to take part alongside such talented artists during Black History Month. The exhibition explored navigating the world as a BAME artist and was curated by Baserbillion in collaboration with Shapes Lewisham and the Mayor of London.

Such vibrant, poignant, emotive paintings came from myself, Mr J Art, Kirzart, Catherine, Drew Sinclair, Vane Mg and Baserbillion. Graffiti skills came courtesy of Name26, beautiful sculptures from Karla Cornwell and a stunning short film by director Greg Direct. The main piece I submitted was Memento Mori along with other works; Origin, Riri, Grenfell, After Dark and Not Your Inspiration. Each and every piece at Brown Jewels was created from the heart with deep meaning, often conveying the vulnerability of each artist’s personal experience and history.

We were also blessed with live performances from Colombian dancers and musicians, who told moving stories of African slaves being brought to South America which led to the dances and music the country is known for today.

Each day saw a full house of visitors and it was great to speak to so many people about out artwork and hear how they relate. The atmosphere was buzzing with a definite vibe in the air throughout! A huge thank you to Baserbillion for curating such a fantastic event at such a beautiful venue. I really feel like I made a new little family and look forward to working with them all again soon! x

Karla Cornwell
Mr J Art
Drew Sinclair
Greg Francis

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