Extinction Rebellion Placards

Extinction Rebellion series by Jelly J Artist

Yesterday I was feeling really rubbish. I was in too much pain from my illnesses to stand to paint the piece currently in progress for an upcoming exhibition. So I sat at my desk and whilst floating in and out of consciousness, these emerged instead.

The three placards have replaced Ladybird books logo but with that of Extinction Rebellion. Entitled with Greta Thunberg quotes on an image from a painting I did for a Climate Crisis exhibition last month. Some say her message is simplistic yet the urgency for Climate Action remains more and more important as each day passes.

No one can deny the awe inspiring movement she has struck around the globe from addressing world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit this week to sparking mass protests around the world. And for the first time in a long time, children and young people are interested in politics and making a stand. And that, for me is bloody amazing! She is a force.

The XR Autumn Uprising starts October 7th worldwide. I am emailing these artworks out for FREE so anyone can print their own placards wherever you are in the world. Just DM me at contact saying which one you would like (or all three)

Extinction Rebellion Autumn Uprising placard by Jelly J Artist

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