Battle Cancer Graffiti Jam

Battle Cancer Graffiti Jam #do1cancer by Jelly J Artist

After a late night taking part in the Art House Project Africa exhibition on Saturday I felt compelled to get up early Sunday morning to take part in the Battle Cancer Graffiti Jam in Leake Street aka #do1cancer.

All the big names in graffiti and street art were on the bill and I didn’t really think I would get a look in. But I met the organiser Charlie and managed to find a small wall that was free. I was next to super skilled graf artist Nerk and witnessed the gorgeous piece by Ebee come alive opposite me. The lovely Pali also came over to chat to me who created a beautifully illustrated ‘Why?’ croc and rabbit piece.

The tunnel full of aerosol fog there must have been near to 40 artists each to a wall creating their masterpieces. I stupidly forgot my mask but was determined to create my small contribution to the cause.

I finally finished at around 8pm as did my neighbour Nerk and we shared my phone to take pics as his battery died. It wasn’t until a couple of days later and I looked at my pics and the pics streaming though on social media from street art photographers that I was able to step back and look at my piece

Considering I was totally unprepared with no sketch I am pretty pleased with the outcome and it was a privilege to be part of such a great cause. A few years ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had to consult with The Macmillan Cancer support nurses to help navigate her treatment and they were a godsend in making the process smooth and relatively stress free under the circumstances. Thankfully she is in now in remission. I just wish this support was available for other serious illnesses.


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