Viva Africa

I went to Africa on Saturday along with 20 other artists! The ‘Africa’ exhibition at Viva Dalston that is! The exhibition was curated by The Art House Project and as you can imagine the possibilities of this theme was as vast as the continent itself.

For me Africa symbolises not only vibrant rich cultures and people, but also the stripping of those riches and people through slavery, Empire and modern day child labour.

‘ORIGIN’ acrylic, faux gems, gold leaf on canvas by Jelly J Artist
Limited prints available to buy here.


Africa is mother to us all, yet we abuse her.

She is colour and life. Lush, abundant with nature, food and minerals. Richest continent on earth yet one of the poorest thanks to greed and power.

She is slavery, pillaging, ivory and blood diamonds and child labour cobalt mines for our mobile phones.

Where does it stop?

Jelly J Artist

It was a buzzing warm post PRIDE event with some amazing pieces of art with all the artists taking a different slant on the Africa theme. As always it was an immersive night; art, food, live painting, dancing! We all painted mini canvases for the charity Last Night a DJ Saved My Life with proceeds going to supporting children in crisis in Tanzania. Street art photographer, Athens Runner bid for mine whilst I was still painting it! There was also African drumming and beautiful live painting by Marcin Lach, Mojoforever, Mag_pi_3 and Red1 Enfant Terrible. Apparan did an amazing job organising and of course Ekay Dub was on the decks keeping the vibe alive!

Artists in this exhibition were myself JellyJArtist, Subdude, Joe Bloggs, Silviyar, Red1 Lefant Teriible, Thayen Rich, Marcin Lach, Apparan, SelvenUK, Inkteraktiv, Mojoforever,, Xlvii, Floating Concrete, Real Red Woman, R.S75, Tamalyn Hyde, Mag_pi_3, Robin Chuter, Viomish Chenko, Francis C5. The next one is already promised to be even bigger and better! Watch this space!

Mini canvas by Jelly J Artist donated to Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Mojoforever, Marcin Lach and Mag_pi_3 live painting
Tamalyn Hyde
Floating Concrete, Selven and Joe Bloggs
Merchandise area (check my Keith Flint print top left!)

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