Little Girls

‘LITTLE GIRLS’// acrylic, Adobe Photoshop// 2018// Jelly

“She’s so pretty!” Little girls are conditioned from birth to believe their value is tied up in how they look. And yes it’s fine to call girls pretty but in a world of reality stars and social media editing apps, it is also important they know that their appearance does not equal their worth. What are her interests? Does she like science/ art/ history? Does she have a curious mind? Is she kind? The flip side is just as damaging

LITTLE BOYS are still being told to not cry and to be a man. WTF?! Inevitably in adulthood, these messed up gender roles create confusion, inequality and entitlement. Fast forward to the #metoo movement

Men are struggling with the patriarchal narrative too. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK – 75% of ALL UK suicides are male. Confronting the misogynist patriarchy is NOT anti men. Quite the contrary it is very PRO men and pro humanity

From childhood boys are encouraged to suppress emotion, and follow unrealistic expectations – be strong, be successful, be wealthy, leaving a void and a feeling of failure in those who do not fulfil the unrealistic gender stereotype. Hopefully this nonsense will change for future generations and we can all just be who we want to be in our own right ❤

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