‘GASLIGHT’// acrylic// Procreate// 2018// Jelly

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation seeking to sow seeds of doubt in an individual or in members of a group, making them question their own perception and sanity. Gaslighting attempts to destabilise and delegitimise

#gaslighting appears in ableism, racism, sexism, homophobia and to other groups striving for equity and equality. Examples of gaslighting comments: ‘he/she has a chip on their shoulder’/ ‘trouble makers’/ ‘dillusional’/ ‘ungrateful’ and of course Piers Morgan’s fave: #snowflake

Myself and every other disabled person experiences gaslighting on a regular basis. Weirdly the more we strive for equality the more negativity we receive. It is better to be a ‘good disabled person who smiles and accepts their lot’ aka the ‘yessum’ plantation black person of yesteryear. Much less scary than one wanting equal rights! Aka Know Your Place. I am constantly surprised by people’s assessment of an ableist encounter that they were not even present for. ‘You’re imagining it’ “It’s all in your head’ ‘They didnt mean it’ etc.

The same comments would not be used by any right minded person in response to a racist encounter. Instead it would be validated with detest. But the reality of ableism is still new to some and therefore recieved with hostility rather than empathy. I.e.: it’s not “cool’ be against disabled discrimination yet.

No individual’s experience is more valid than another’s regardless of money, gender, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, health or profession.

Don’t ever know your place. Instead know your worth. If you are a target of GASLIGHTING don’t let the f*ckers *POP* your bubble! You are valid 😘🔥

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