In this woke society
Hashtagging diversity and equality
We bow this institution of heirarchy
In this cost of living crisis
Taxpayers cheer with £250m royal bunting noose around their necks
Off with their heads
Off their heads
At a time when there’s more food banks in the UK than McDonalds
London streets cleansed of homeless sleeping in tents
London streets welcome royalists sleeping in tents
Going over there in big boats colonising the jewels they wear today
Rape, genocide, stolen people along the way
Coming over here in small boats lets terrorize those seeking refuge with no say
Their wealth now their wealth
Call it commonwealth
Protests banned
You step out of line and go to jail
They step out of line and mummy pays off their sexual assault victim
Lying in state
Lying to the state
But Meghan eats avocados
Hound her like Diana
Hurrah for this pageantry
Hip-hop hooray!

~ by Jelly

Spray paint, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 2020
Dm for details

Be Your Own Queen (or King) by Jelly

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