DJ Billy Bunter

Revealing something top secret I’ve been working on with DJ @billydanielbunter Part 1 of 4 album covers I’ve designed for an incredible vinyl set of 4 albums released on Music Mondays. Parts 2,3&4 will be revealed all in good time! 🎧😎Part 1 is for Speed = Hardcore by the talented DJ @arkyn.tufstuf.records think Hardcore, Jungle Tekno check him out and buy his EP!Part 2 is a brand new “Bang The Future” album titled Body Slam brand new Hardcore and Trancekore feat unreleased dub plates from the 90’s. Part 3 is a DJ Vibes album “Music’s So Wonderful” feat all gems and massive anthems from 93 / 94 / 95. Part 4 is a collaboration between Arkyn, Dwarde, Vibes and Billy Bunter. Capturing the spirit of the past present and future of rave music! Huge thanks @billydanielbunter for asking me to create this artwork for you bunch of legends. Rave, jungle music and art – dream gig 😍✌🏾

You can buy the EP at Music Mondays here

Part 1 Jelly artwork for Arkyn: Speed = Hardcore

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