Don’t touch my hair

‘Dont Touch My Hair’ by Jelly J Artist

‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ Stop touching black people’s hair! Both literally and metaphorically…. Literally: too many narratives of ownership to mention. Basically, black people are not a commodity stop with the unsolicited molestation. Metaphorically: Ruby Williams (pictured) consistently sent home over 2years disrupting her GSCEs for having natural hair. The Urswick School then humiliated her by using her Yr 7 photo (with shorter hair) in the Yr 11 Yearbook. Persistently harrassed and dehumanised Ruby ended up seeing a clinical physiologist and now campaigns to end race related school exclusions.In the workplace black women with natural hair are less likely to have successful interviews than those with straightened hair or weaves.And it’s not about preference like polka dots or stripes. It’s about penalising and traumatising people for their race. Institutional racism needs to stop.

This piece will be showing at ‘Shake It’ exhibition curated by starts 15 February

Contact me here to purchase

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