Spectrum Christmas Jam

We had a socially distanced blast at the Spectrum Christmas Jam! Using cool colours in purple and teal, I painted a winter themed mural entitled Be Your Own Bliss meaning don’t rely on anyone else for your happiness.

There turned out to be lots of irony in this photo.. @stikstudio ‘Past, Present and Future’ figures reflecting the gentrification of Shoreditch watch over us.

Whilst *we* watch over a huge @banksy worth £millions behind that hoarding preserved by the construction company from the pre-existing building.

A workman told me and @sophynails locals don’t want graffiti/street art but new, clean buildings which support the economy.

In actual fact local people opposed this construction out of the gentrification represented in Stik’s piece.

Oh AND turns out the construction is for an ART HOTEL which will ironically re-home the aforementioned Banksy and other artworks aka graffiti/ street art … paying that construction guy’s wages and into the economy..

Have a wonderful festive period everyone stay safe and spread love!

Be Your Own Bliss by Jelly J Artist

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