Be More You

Painting murals in biting Winter is a case of not just what colours to bring, but also what thermals to wear! This piece was painted bang in the centre of Waterloo opposite The Old Vic Theatre with fellow artists from Spectrum.

Entitled ‘Be More You’ is a take on the WW1 war propaganda poster ‘Your Country Needs You’ which pictured Lord Kitchener. My version encourages resistance of:

What to follow -> Stop and think
Who to be -> You are perfect as you are
Who to hate -> More love less hate

Be more you ❤️

loving the photos coming through of the public with the mural

Be More You by Jelly J Artist
top left clockwise: Clare Reynolds daughter and dog, local guys who watched us paint all day, photographer Journey Thro Lens,Mrs Toy Toy and her famous bike

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