Fairytale in New Cross

Fairytale in New Cross by Jelly J Artist

Myself and the rest of Spectrum artists were asked to paint the beer garden of a new bar in New Cross. One for The Road is an old theatre, so the venue is huge. In fact it was the last cinema to screen silent movies after the war just before audio came in!

The owner Eddie was quite take with one of my past artworks which was a fairy with Be Kind written in a rainbow. He added that his daughters also loved fairies and would be over the moon if i painted one, so a fairy it was!

I have named the piece ‘Fairytale in New Cross’ and it watches over the yard which is filled with beautiful pieces by Spectrum: Lionel Stanhope, Orbit, Owe1, Nathan Bowen, Squarms, Many Faces, Sam Kerridge, Archie as well as guest artists; Magic, Atila, Apparan, Riccardo Matlakas, Barnie to name a few!

One for the Road Bar in New Cross

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