WTF by Jelly J Artist

“WTF?” was the first painting I did in lockdown in response to the amount of general ‘what the fuckery’ that ensued. I wrote a poem to go with it:

WTF by Jelly J Artist

Thinking outside the box was gaslighted and vilified
Old people left to die in nursing homes
Doctors forced to go against their hippocratic oath
Joe Public reporting their fellow Joes
Unprecedented use of the word unprecedented

Tories clapped for the NHS they slashed funding to
Tories clapped the NHS staff they jeered in parliament for wanting a pay rise.
But they gave them a badge
Small business and freelancers left to collapse
Barnard Castle is the new Specsavers 

Domestic abuse increased
Mental health conditions increased
Physical health conditions worsened
Life saving treatment for cancer and serious illnesses stopped 

Banana bread became a cult 
Everyone wanted to Zoom
Many really didn’t want to Zoom
Everyone had a tidy 1 metre square area for Zoom
Many Zoomed in their underpants

Virtual raves were a thing, thank you Moondance
Mums made daily Joe Wicks sessions mandatory
The education gap widened as poor kids struggled to access resources

Some people learned that racism is still a thing 
Some people learned they are racist
Some people considered an old piece of bronze more worthy than human life 
All lives matter when black lives matter

And everyone started jogging

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