Paste Up Party

YOU ARE JOKING Paste up Party Trump Wall at The Silver Building image: Jelly J Artist

Today myself and a bunch of other artists and street artists had a paste up party at The Silver Building down at the Royal Docks. It was all thanks to awesome duo Floating Concrete who will be holding their You Are Joking exhibition there and very kindly invited a bunch of their artist friends to take part as guest artists.

YOU ARE JOKING Paste up Party at The Silver Building image: Jelly J Artist

The show is ‘a narrative of events in a world where the irrational is becoming the norm, where extremism is becoming tame, news is fake and fake news is news and where lies are only lies if you don’t believe them” 

Floating Concrete

With the help of good tunes, a tad of alcohol and herbal tea, we spent the day pasting up the columns forming the backdrop to You Are Joking, in the rather appropriate ‘concrete’ brutalist building. With quite gorgeous vandalistic result! There were Brexit walls and Trump walls and just downright beautiful walls! Artists who joined on the day included: Floating Concrete, Joe Bloggs, Subdude, Jelly, Daddy Street Fox, Uberfubs, Rolling Fool, Mini Gabi World, Atomic Hercules, Oddo, XLVII, Thayen Rich, Inkteraktiv, Apparan, Mojo Forever, Quiet British Accent

Expect immersive installations, naked mattresses and artworks from Floating Concrete as well as paintings from the guest artists, all guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Free entry, opens on Thursday 25th July and runs until 3rd August. The Silver Building, 60 Dock Road, Royal Docks. E16 1YZ. For full details of the event listing click here

Daddy Street Fox, Jelly J Artist and Joe Bloggs

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