Viva Iconic

A couple of weeks ago I exhibited at Viva Iconic exhibition in Dalston hosted by the Art House Project along with 25 other artists! The theme was ‘icon’. In a world where we are encouraged to *be positive* at every obstacle I feel it has never been more critical that to we do not paper over the cracks

The ‘icon’ in my painting was MP Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) as he is noted for imposing the most inhumane disability reforms in U.K history. In an interviews when asked about his harsh reforms he replied: “WORK MAKES YOU FREE”- the very words written over the Nazi concentration camps.

Viva Iconic was an awesome night with tunes from DJ Ekay and I also teamed up with Marcin Lach to create a painting LIVE! As did Natalie Webb and Agos. We were also lucky enough to have Chris Riggs over from Florida painting one of his beautiful love walls!

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