Champion Sounds

Banner for Champion Sounds at Bar 512 Dalston

Commission for original DnB night Champion Sounds on the Easter weekend. This was a something a little different from my usual work as I usually only graf for fun!

Loved this though, a challenge more so because of the size rather than the content! But after sliding two tables together and occasionally jumping up on a chair for perspective the job was done!

I got to say I now have even more respect for graf artists as there was a lot of maths and geometry involved in this baby! So there you go kids you DO need maths!!

Champion Sounds put on an amazing night at Bar512 in Dalston. Proper dnb courtesy of DJ Fader, Jumpin Jack Frost, Logan D, Moose, IC3, UCOJ, Promo Zo, Barry C, 2ShyMC, Voice MC and… Ragga Twins!! What an honour to have my artwork up with these greats performing!

Ragga Twins on the decks. pic: Jelly J Artist

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