Fairytale in Leake Street

Today was a good day! Myself and the awesome Orbit collaborated to create this magical fairytale mushroom in Leake Street, Waterloo. I painted the neon fairy in acrylic, spray paint, finishing off with glitter wings and diamante cheeks!

Being half term a lot of kids came past with their parents and I heard a lot of small voices shouting ‘A FAIRY!!!’ behind me as I painted. Quite a few stopped to chat and one special little artist with her dad even had a go with a bit of spray… although it did go on her coat so I hope her mum wasn’t too cross when she got home!

Then Orbit did his magic creating the perfect mushroom and the whole piece GLOWED!! I love this colab so much, our styles worked really well together and we created something truly beautiful in aesthetics and in spirit. I was so flattered that Orbit said this was his fave mushroom colab! Hopefully we shall do another colab sometime – still so much magic to share!

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