International Women’s Day

‘LITTLE GIRLS’// acrylic, Adobe Photoshop// 2018// Jelly

Reposting this artwork for International Women’s Day with an important message for BOTH men and women.

The patriarchal narrative conditions LITTLE GIRLS to believe their value is tied up in their looks and LITTLE BOYS value in being strong or at least appearing to be, eg; “don’t cry, be a man” (WTF?!)

These messed up gender roles create confusion, inequality, entitlement and mental health issues. Fast forward to #inequalpay #metoo #malesuicide – the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK – 75% of ALL UK suicides are male!

Confronting the misogynist patriarchy is NOT anti men, it is very PRO men AND women. Let’s break these barriers so that future generations may have true equality.. and a chance at life.

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