Keith Flint

‘KEITH FLINT’// acrylic on canvas// 60cm x 50cm// 2019// Jelly

My 2nd tribute to Keith Flint. Words by me …

With Your Love and the love of your brothers you created music that always got Everybody in the Place
With your green angel winged hair you sometimes seemed like you were from Outta Space.
But that passion was infectious and not dancing was never an option. Still isn’t
All of us who travelled to dance in the shadows and strobes of raves, and the euphoria of fellow ravers getting Ruff in the Jungle Bizness will miss you
We are heartbroken at the Death of the Prodigy Dancer
But you will live on as your Music Reach means us, the Jilted Generation, in years to come, will still be raving in our care homes!

This print is available to buy in the shop

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