Sorry Not Sorry

‘SORRY NOT SORRY’// acrylic, spray paint, wooden panels// Shoreditch// 2019// Jelly

Stop making people feel sorry for their existence. Stop victim blaming. .
For every disabled person scared of verbal or physical violence thanks to government/ media austerity scapegoating. (Hate crimes against the disabled has doubled under austerity) #ableism
Sorry not sorry that I am disabled

For every woman who feels ashamed for being sexually assaulted, raped or stalked #metoo
Sorry not sorry that I am a woman

For every person who has been attacked, refused a job or demonised because of race or ethnicity #windrush#refugees#migrants
Sorry not sorry that I am a poc

People who should be sorry for perpetuating such hate: Tories/ Trump supporters/ Daily Mail readers

Sorry Not Sorry is in good company between Benjamin Irritant, Art Under the Hood, A Poz and Lolie Darko

Huge thanks to artunderthehood for the space, paint from @molotowheadquarters @greatart_uk @daler_rowney 🎨

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