Fuck Gucci

‘FUCK GUCCI’// acrylic, glitter on canvas// 15cm x 15cm// 2019// Jelly

In response to Gucci’s blackface jumper. Gucci latest collection features a black jumper which covers the face with a mouth cut out outlined in red ‘lips’. Exact blackface imagery used in humiliating racist cinematography in the last century. As a result people of all races are boycotting Gucci. Gucci’s response was ‘surprise’ that their design was deemed racist and they are having diversity training or something.. really Gucci??

This canvas was left in a lane of bricks by a ‘bandaged hand’. I met the lovely Angus whilst putting this one up. We chatted for a while. He is newly homeless and his story could be any of us in a heartbeat. Don’t know why but I have a feeling he will be ok. I hope my feeling is correct ❤

UPDATE: This piece was found by @basedhaz – “Found on a little windowsill round the corner from brick lane’s Rough Trade, big love to the artist @jellyjartist for creating and sharing these, I feel very lucky! #freeartfriday “

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